Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Dine-out @ Boran, Sri Petaling

Went out to run errands on 14 Oct & got everything settled by noon. As I was nearby the neighborhood 'makan' area (where most of the restaurants/eateries are located), i decided to dine-out again instead of take-away.
Tried out this new Thai restaurant - Boran
they were having a lunch promotion with set meals starting from RM13.90
I ordered a green curry chicken with rice, omelette, drinks and dessert.
The green curry came with generous chunks of chicken breast meat.
Other ingredients are long beans and brinjals. Quite alot of them. I couldn't finish the chicken meat.
The gravy is thick and on the sweet side coz of the coconut milk 'santan'. At some point it taste like bubur cha-cha. I suspect that they added sugar in it too.
The dessert was served together with the main meal....This is kuih tako which has corns in it. It is similar to kuih tepung pelita from its appearance.
i chose honey lemon green tea which was served in a bottle with a mug of ice. I only poured a little of the drink into the mug coz the drink was too sweet. The remaining drink (in the bottle) was brought home.
The shop interior...full of bottled drinks from Thailand.
simple interior....
Only a table was occupied by another solo diner during then. The place is quite 'open air' as it doesn't have a door despite being air-conditioned.
here goes my very filling lunch...


Tekkaus said...

Where is the rice? I could not see it. Ha :D

mun said...

Underneath the egg.

mun said...

Oh no, taste like bubur Cha Cha? Hhhmmm , I don't think I will like it if it tastes sweet like bubur Cha Cha. So do you prefer the green curry of Chai Thai more than this one?

Rose world said...

Yes, green curry is more towards the sweet side. I rarely order green curry
I like spicier curry. Hehe.

Nancy Chan said...

If the green curry's sweetness is due to sugar added then it is not for me. I don't mind the natural sweetness of the santan. I like kuih tako, no time didn't get to eat this kuih.

Nux V said...

Tekkaus & Mun: yes underneath the egg!

Mun: i prefer Chai Thai.

Rose World: green curry can be very spicy too.

Nancy Chan: u can buy kuih tako from Malay kuih stalls. Yea, sugar sweetness is no-no for me too.

Twilight Man said...

I think I have eaten at one Boran outlet somewhere in Paramount Gardens. That was long ago and the food was fabulous there. I remember their similar bottled drinks as decoration.

Stacy said...

Looks very worth the price. I thought that 'Oyoshi' brand is either Japanese or local pretending to be Japanese.

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