Friday, August 29, 2014

Starbucks cafe & Counting Stars

there's a newly established Starbucks outlet at Wisma Scope, nearby my office. It's rather spacious...and I like it being that. Those who are working in the office above will be the lucky ones coz it's so convenient to get their coffee fix and would be the early birds to enjoy any seasonal promotion...
Plenty of seats available, potential place for chillout, appointments and meeting...I went there after lunch on one fine day...and it was quite empty, I wish to lie on that long sofa bench! (ahh, the long bench is so 'inviting' but of course I never do that)
here's this week's Friday song (aka "weekend entertainment") for u guys, n'joy!
a similar rendition from Chrissy, Alex Goot and Kurt...not bad though I prefer the original version by One Republic.


RealGunners said...

Are you a Chrissy fan girl too? Or just happen to like their rendition? XD
Nowadays got so many coffee houses opening, but I still prefer Starbucks. Not used to pretending like I know how to enjoy those exotic coffees.

mun said...

Oh so you work near tpm and astro. Happy long weekend to you. Enjoy!

Nux V said...

RealGunners: am not so much of Chrissy fan, but she is good as pro. Yeapz Starbucks is the perfect place for a nice warm coffee on a cold day ;-)

Mun: yeaya ;-) it's TGIF again...time flies!

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