Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wuzhen, Day 2 - Part 2 (Lunch)

The group meet up at the village restaurant for lunch. Due to some Muslims joining us, what we hav here are pork-free dun expect to have "Tong Po" pork...
Starter 1:  Plain "mantou" bun in star-shape. The bun is soft & fluffy, other than that, nothing hoo-haa about it.
 Starter 2: Hard boiled 'lou dan' ("lou dan": Chinese dark sauce braised egg? not sure of the English translation name).
This was nice! Not too strong taste, jst nice.
 Dish 1: Scallop...Appetizing, but limited to one piece for each diner at our table...ok, I'll leave my stomach for other dishes.
 Dish 2: Steamed fish. This was not too bad except that is has many tiny bones.
 Dish 3: Soup (can't remember what stuffs in it). Can't remember, so no comment.
 Dish 4: Shrimps with cucumber and carrots. Like this dish coz the shrimps are fresh and bouncy!
 Dish 5: Fish fillet with pickled veggie. Another appetizing & flavorful dish, i like it too. Goes well with the plain rice.
 Dish 6: Unknown, some-sort-of-stir fry-plant/melon. Well, if u like clear melon taste, this could be refreshing after taken up spicy food.
 Dish 7: Unknown pickled some-sort-of-plant. Tasted weird, dislike.
 Dish 8: Unknown, texture abit like sugar cane...but it isn't sugar cane & isn't sweet. We only chew those sticks coz it was hard and not meant to be swallowed. Dislike.
 Dish 9: Lala, but the lala's nowhere to be seen. Too tiny and torned out from the shells.
 Dish 10: Fish fillet cooked with bell pepper (capsicum). This dish came when most of us had finished our meal...By then, we were too full with all the scrumptious dishes earlier, otherwise this can pair well with the rice.
 Dish 11: Veggie in oyster sauce...the last dish
Crazy, they put in so mch oyster sauce!? Dislike!
 11 dishes + 2 starters were certainly too much...Plenty of leftover, coz some dishes were jst too weird for us (referring to the Unknown dishes). I feel sorry for those leftovers. The muslim group hardly touch their food though, coz most are sceptical as the restaurant isn't a certified 'halal' imagine, their portion of leftovers is even bigger.
 cooling air, natural fresh breeze, thankfully it is early spring, else it would be stuffy inside here, coz this place is non air-conditioned.
from the restaurant window, u can see a floating stage...not sure if it is a stage though.
I dun know the restaurant name (can't read Chinese), but this is the place, our group occupied the entire upper floor during lunch.
After lunch, we have to walk thru some narrow alleys to get back to the entrance (to reach for our bus), we passed by some very ancient corridor at certain corners...
this place seriously need some face-lift...


mun said...

The dish 8 unknown - could it be bamboo shoots that are old?

So many dishes. Too bad the capsicum fish fillet dish came out so late. I would have like that dish and would be so disappointed to be full when the dish came out. They should provide a menu so that you will know to wait for that dish.

I dislike too much oyster sauce too so I will wash the vegetable leaves in soup before eating them.

Princess Ribbon said...

Food looks hoi-wai.. Did you have 2 bowls of rice?

Nux V said...

Mun: Could be. Some of us are guessing that as well. I was quite surprise in the beginning when they served us so much dishes. Well, it happened even from Day 1 (both lunch and dinner are over 10 dishes!).

Princess Ribbon: Some are delicious, some are not. Yea, i had almost 2 bowls;-) Was hungry in the beginning after all the walks and the cooling weather.

RealGunners said...

Alamak, those are all seafood and plants, no meat at all, still can be skeptical >.<? Have to look for those Muslim restaurants then, I think should be not that hard to find, there should be a considerable Chinese Muslim population in the big cities.

Nux V said...

RealGunners: is not about the food they are skeptical with, but the restaurant "status" and the utensils being used to cook. Yea, it is not hard to find a muslim restaurant in big cities, but well this is a "village" so no choice but to go with it.

[SK] said...

hmmm, pork-free or halal?? that would precisely be not the very same right?? anyway, i can eat anything so doesn't matter..

nice dishes and so many being served!! the first one you mentioned "plain" but actually not plain at all with the shape and decor, haha!! and fish, scallops, shrimps, clams, all kinds of veggie.. so really a "seafood" feast huh?? awesome~~

Small Kucing said...

slurps...would love a taste of the clams and scallop. must have been nice

Nux V said...

SK: yea, there is different between halal and pork-free. The organizer only mention that is pork-free lunch, and did not mention the word 'halal'. That's the reason most of the Muslim members in the tour prefer to have their own cup noodles than taking the food, regardless it is veggie or seafood.

Small Kucing: yea both the scallop and clams were nice ;-)

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