Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shanghai, Day 1 - Part 4 (Radisson Hotel & Evening activity)

Here goes my long & winding Shanghai travelogue...continuation of the previous posts...
Upon check-in, we were given each a traditional Chinese attire to try on. You will see it in this post as you read on...
By then, I was already half-dead-tired coz I've been awake since 5am plus when the flight touched down in the morning...
we (me and roomie) got into our room and while she took her quick shower, I snap pics of the room.
As usual, some basic necessities from the snack bar
plenty of drinks...but beware that the hotel will simply overcharge u on consuming those drinks or snacks even if u dun take any...u gotta check ur hotel bill during room check-out!
alrite, enuf of the room, lets move on to the.... 
i'm always fascinated with any 5-star hotel's washroom, somehow I tink it is classy with dim lights and shinny mirror...some even have flower pots...
after an hour of rest, the group adjourned to the next destination
while waiting for the group to assemble at the lobby, my itchy finger started to snap more pics
the green pillars and the golden decoratives
and the conventional red carpet
the lobby looks good
it has some resting armchairs
and the revolving glass classic, I like it!
am sounding too amaze as if I haven't seen a hotel in my entire life! lolx
okie dokie...not gonna bored u with that, let me show u the 'Chinese attire' that I got...

yea, it is cheongsam which comes in various sizes as we've pre-booked earlier prior to this trip. All members in this trip are supposed to wear the Chinese attire, whether it is cheongsam, Chinese blouse or those classical 'wong fei hung' kinda attire on our Gala Nite which is to be held on the final day.
Unfortunately most of the cheongsam doesn't have its sizes right...well, it's not easy to have a fitting cheongsam unless it is tailor-made that customize to one's body (yea the curves and shapes).
I found mine abit tight at the bottom, and the opening slits are too I opted for the Chinese blouse instead. Goodbye cheongsam, gonna return u back!
the weather was nice...something like I went out to breathe cooling air while waiting for the rest of the group members to settle their 'attire' issue. 
Tourguide: Next, we adjourn to our dinner...
Dinner, u say??
I thought it was too early for our dinner at 5 plus...
but we have to catch up with our next program which is the acrobatic show
soon after, we were on the road again, passing by the buildings across the city.
evening view, but the jam has not started yet, probably it's still early for that
I kinda like this part of the city, it's clean and everything looks well-maintained
reached the 'makan' place at 6 sharp. We hardly have time to savor our food, coz we gotta make a move by 7, and the dishes came out quite slow. I was rather sleepy and tired of the day's activities, but that doesn't dampen me to 'taste' my food...Practically I m chowing down every dish without knowing the ingredient...Some dishes were jst weird (the cold dish and some bamboo-like dish especially)
bottles of beers were served on the table, kinda norm even when we dun request for it.
The acrobatic show was held at Shanghai Centre theatre, the show was awesome! Unfortunately, no pics were allowed to be taken during the, sit tight and enjoy the show.
The show ended slightly an hour and half later.
By 10 plus, I was already back at the hotel...while some people went for supper, I stroll along the shopping district of Nanjing Road and accompanied my roomie to buy some snacks. The malls were already closed then, only some eatery places that opens till midnite.
Here's Nanjing Road at nite...
There goes my 1st day in Shanghai.


RealGunners said...

Eh? So Where's the food pics?

Happy walker said...

nice hotel and shopping oh~

(A Growing Teenager Diary)

Nux V said...

RealGunners: food pics shall come in my next posts...Btw, I didn't take mch food pics on the 1st day, coz was too tired and hungry..Whatever that was served on the table, jst wallop!

Happy Walker: yea, hotel is fine, but shopping...hmmnn...nothing special, coz most are made-in-china.

mun said...

Hello Nux V,

What a long day 1. No photo of you in the nice red cheongsam?

what's the name of this hotel? It looks so grand.

In Shanghai and Taiwan, it is common to have cold dishes as appetizers. Can't wait to read your next post.

Nux V said...

Mun: haha...I forgot to take my pic in cheongsam coz was rushing to return and exchange for a blouse...Need to be quick, else no more suitable size blouse left. The hotel name is stated in the title of this post ;-)

mun said...

Sorry Nux V, I missed the name. Just like me, always read the content but not the title.

Just curious, why is your user name Nux V?

Have a good weekend!

Glamorous Bite Recipes said...

What a beautiful hotel and what a lovely stay you must have had!

Nux V said...

Mun:'s jst a nickname...can't find a better nick so I went taking on some plant's name ;-)

Glamorous Bite Recipes: thanks!

reana claire said...

Very nice hotel! Only thing is that one cannot enjoy and relax in the hotel.. last time when I followed tours, I remember checking in very late at night and then checked out very early in the morning..just for sleeping purposes only.. :)

Nux V said...

ReanaClaire: yea, quite true indeed...especially when u follow tours, u leave very early in the morning and oni got to go back at late nite. There are gym and swimming pool, but I dun get any chance to try it :-(

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