Monday, December 5, 2011

Local Kueh & Ais Kacang

It has been ages since i last had local delicacies...especially Malay & Nyonya kueh.
I finally had the chance of savoring some during last week, in a family occasion. And i got to enjoy it with my fav glass of soya bean milk! It tasted heavenly!
Look at the colorful tempting 'kuehs' favorite is the red ones, so-called "ang ku", which is made of green bean. The outer layer (red layer) is so chewy that it blends well with the greenbean paste in it! It has been half a year since i last had one...
and our local ice dessert...Ais Kacang!
 the "Gems" were hidden underneath, u jst need to be patient to wait for the ice to melt...
but i already started to enjoy from my first scoop of syrupped ice...not too sweet & not too dull
blended to perfection!
i just wanted MORE!

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