Thursday, December 8, 2011

B'day Celebration within the Department

Colleague: "Hey, choose one!"
Me: "huh?"  
*kinda overwhelmed with the choices, indecisive me!
and my attention was diverted to the pastries...hehehe!
 i prefer pastry over cakes, but now we are in a cake shop, which specialties is cheese cake
and so, i have chosen....the yellow one
 turn out to be Mango Cheese cake!
oh okie, fine! at least i have randomly chosen somethin' i hav never tried before...
so, this was somethin' new...
after cutting and distributed to all, there were still a huge pile of leftover...
hence, the b'day boy & gal gets to take-away

and i m now waiting patiently for the upcoming celebration organized by company HR, for all december babies!

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