Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alexis, The Gardens

This year I had an extravaganza birthday celebrations...yes, it is with 's'....
coz i had a pre-b'day with my 2 closest colleagues on the 2nd,
then followed by dimsum breakfast & dinner at restaurant with family on the eve...
plus my fav KFC on the actual day...
Not enuff with that, my colleague, having not satisfied with the earlier "preliminary b'day", organized another celebration within the team...hence, this time, the 5 of us went to Alexis @ The Gardens...
 and well, while 2 of them were busy choosing cakes, i entertained myself by snappin' their pics!
 this place is popular with patrons who are here to savour their infamous pasta
 i ordered set lunch, which comes with soup of the day
 avocado salad, chicken chop and baked cherry tomatoes
 dessert was a slice of banana cake, yummylicious!
it was a very filling meal...
and with such nice ambience and soft cushion, i almost felt asleep after the meal! 
but WAIT! i have a meeting to attend rite after lunch :-(
sleepiness? i gotta endure it!
despite the tension around of having to rush back for meeting, i was very satisfied with the meal and the short-escapade to the shoppin' mall
to tell the truth, it has been months since i last been there!

Upnext: B'day celebration with colleagues in the Dept.

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Anton said...

You've got great taste!! Alexis @ The Gardens is my regular place - love the piped-in jazz music, retro ambiance and of course the grub!! Wonderful Caesar Salad, Pastas, Mushroom Quiche, and of course the no.1 favorite: Alexis pastries - ever tried a White Forest? Please do!! simply outta this world!!

Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

On the second day, my colleague wasn't able to join me for an after-work dinner so i went alone on my food excursion. It was a good 5 mi...