Friday, December 2, 2011

Al-diafah Restaurant

I used to pass by a row of new shophouses which consists of restaurants serving various type of cuisine - Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Fusion, Indian, Western, Arabic, local food...etc, u named it, they have it!
It's like a food haven for food enthusiasts.
But sad to say, despite a food enthusiast myself, i never hav the chance of dining in any of such restaurant.
My life is busy & hectic...
even on weekend :-(
pathetic huh?
Many occasions, i passed by this super posh Arabic restaurant, gazed into it from their super shiny glass panel, wishing i could try out their food, but i did not make it. It has been 7 years since this restaurant operating in the neighbourhood, and just recently i managed to finally dine in!
Thankfully, if not for my colleague who invited me along to have lunch with the company visitors, I would not have the chance at all, at least for these few years to come...
The interior of this restaurant is...awesome! It has a very "middle-eastern" atmosphere. The ambience is nice, but the food was jst so-so. Maybe it doesn't suit my tastebud???
I prefer Turkish cuisine over Arabic...somehow there is some similarity on the choices, jst that taste-wise slightly differs. 
Will I come again?
Mayb "yes" if the company paid for our food!

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