Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some of my Favorites

Featuring my favorite chicken lice rice. Just had it for dinner.
Alongside with this main course, i also had chicken satay, bought from the nearby pasar malam. One great thing about pasar malam is that i could find most of my fav foods/snacks... And if you think tht i just had these for my dinner, nope, you are wrong! I have earlier bought peanut butter waffle and "siu mai" (a non-halal Chinese dim sum) as starter! Now, i feel so full that i couldn't sleep.

In an unrelated occasion, sis had bought a creamy choc cake from bread story (that was on last week). It looks so yummy that i decided to snap its picture and upload whenever i m hungry i can browse back tis page
Views from different angles (above and below)


Anonymous said...

Now whenever I'm hungry, I come here to browse this post liao! :P

That choc cake looks sooo yummy.

Anonymous said...

wow...i am hungry...
u make me home sick!
especially malaysian foods

xniquet said...

kutu ayam XD

where is you old chang kee curry puff?

Chee Ching said...

Satay omg! XD

Nux V said...

adrianlee: u r more than welcomed...but pls dun eat my blog, ok?

ikhui: oh...where on earth r u now?

x: old chang kee currypuff is already a legend...wuakaka....go browse my old posts ler...

chingy: u like satay too? gimme 5!

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