Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dare to Dream

Just watched a movie "You've Got Mail" that was aired over a local TV station and it got me reminiscing over a wonderful cyber-friendship that i had with someone some few years back. Anyway, the thing that got my attention is not the story but instead one of the songs featured in the movie - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Picking a few lines from the song,

"Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true "

The song itself is indeed soothing and the lyrics made me to think optimistically especially when things doesn't work as planned. Being a realistic person, somehow i do dream, and i m in the midst of chasing my 'dreams'.

Well, as mentioned in my previous post, i just had a reunion with my former classmates. Below is one of the picture taken (nah, i'm NOT goin to tell u which one is me!). But for sure, many of the below are on their way chasing their dreams while some had already achieved them.
(imagine this: earning 5-digit income/month at mid 20s...*faint)


khengsiong said...

E-mail is Web 1.0 technology. We are now in Web 2.0 world. If someone were to make a sequel to "You've Got Mail", it probably will be called:
1. You're Myspaced
2. You're Facebooked

3POINT8 said...

That song, 'somewhere over the rainbow'....reminds me of home whenever i listen to it.
I guess home is my dream...

Nux V said...

khengsiong: yeah, facebook! nowadays, i hav been poked so many times!

3point8: home sweet home eh?

C said...

Hey ya Nux... my six sense tells me that u r the one with pink color shirt.. am i correct..?

Nux V said...

canny, u got a great 6 sense!

C said...

haha! it may sound crazy but its true. LOL.
I came to know 'Something is happen' after reading "Just a lil' note".

It took me 2.5 hours to glimpse thru/read your old blog. Quite interesting and your old blog is more on the sharing of ur feelings, compare to Utopia. In Utopia, u sound kinda mysterious and not really reveal much of personal feeling.

I was about to sleep at 12am last night, but was curious on ur old just plan to look-see look-see ur old itchy hands keep clicking the old archieves, from Sep 2007, to August 2007,then July 07--til Oct 2006!!!!I READ all man!!! haha then oni willing to sleep! Pengsan. LOL!

Cool! Oii i write too much ady! Shall stop here. Anyway, keep it up my friend! Your blog rules!

p/s: don miss A anymore. Shh!haha!

C said...

btw, if u read my blog on "Birth date, accurate?" then u will see one sentence there--> Secara semulajadi sangat analitikal dan suka mengikut gerak hati.

Accurate? ME Analytical? LOL!! HAHAAH!

Joking jOKING! Nice day~~ ;-D

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