Friday, February 8, 2008

Common things you'll see during CNY...

These are the things you'll see when visiting some typical Chinese houses...

Featuring some of the stuffs which we've put up for this year CNY...First of all, our new curtain which I bought for decorating our living hall...Nice?
Lanterns, but not the real one, only half lantern Firecrackers...again not the real one...Just a decorative item to hang on the wall
Well, if you're single, most probably u'll get some red packets (angpows). Nowadays, u will see some fancy packet designs such as this 'Hello Kitty' angpows.
*This is my first time getting 'Hello Kitty' angpows! i'm overjoyed!
Cookies, lots of them! The below are pinneaple tarts and cashew nut cookies
And chopsticks, for tossing 'yee sang' (raw fish salad)
*oopss, sorry for the blur picture

Okie, that's all...lazy (or perhaps crazy) to snap on other stuffs...of course, there are also mandarin oranges, tangerines, kuaci, trays of delicacies/cookies, etc etc...but my family will look at me in a weird way if i m to take those pictures...That's all for now ;-)

Picking a cute sms verse which i got from an unknown sender:

"May STUART LITTLE brings you comfort, MICKEY MOUSE brings you joy, RATATOUILE brings you abundance of good food & most importantly MINNIE MOUSE brings you ultimate beauty & pleasure.

Year of Rat with lots of laughter, love & optimism. Happy Lunar New Year.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!"

Have an enjoyable weekend!


xniquet said...

i want hello kitty ang pow

Anonymous said...

weeee happy new year!! i got MINNIE MOUSE angpow this year... while my brothers got MICKEY MOUSE... hehehehehe...

Chee Ching said...

I got a Hello Kitty ang pow also. XD

Nux V said...

x: go ask from ur daddy & mummy!

ericca: oh really? this is kinda cute...with angpows given according to gender ;-)

chingy: i tink such angpows are quite popular nowadays..

kang yong said...

Grrr.. I saw my favorite pineapple tarts! gimme gimme..

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