Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hustling Bustling in Central Business District, Singapore

[Below] The busy Amoy Street where the office workers go for their lunch at the nearby Amoy food court. This part of Singapore city consists of colonial style old shop lots and modern skyscrapers.
Adapting to the lifestyle of an office worker, blending into the busy crowd on a Monday noon.
After WFH & hybrid for almost 3 years, getting back into a busy city lifestyle is definitely an eye-opener...Thankfully it was only for 3 days, before i m back to my own nest (WFH) again.
I passed-by plenty of skyscrapers on my way to the foodcourt to grab a lunch.
Robinson road & its nearby landmark, it has been quite some time since my last visit😅. Back then, I was still an undergrad catching train (back to KL) from the nearby Tanjong Pagar railway station.
It was stuffy and hot at the food court, so i decided to tapao and had my lunch in the office pantry.
Tapao-ed the fried radish cake (with lighter colour, not the dark one). 
I remembered the darker one tastes slightly sweet.
It costs SGD4 per pack. It used to be SGD2 many years ago. Inflation!
The office in SG is superb, top notch facilities. Even the fridge has a variety of drinks for the staff to enjoy - Ribena, Milo, Vitasoy, Coke (original & zero sugar), 100 Plus, kurma milk, beers (it has Asahi beer!), some bottled herbal drinks, wines...etc
I'm so spoilt for choice...


mun said...

Wah, so you went to work in sg for a few days. Nice! Got per diem to claim.

PH said...

I haven't been to Singapore in a long, long time! If earn SGD then only can buy stuff there.

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