Sunday, May 14, 2023

Resort Hotel @ Genting Highlands

A short getaway on last month, to utilise my free room for the month.
This time, I tried another hotel - the Resort Hotel. Since last year, I have stayed in First World hotel, Highlands hotel and Crockfords. So, only left with G.Grand and Resort hotels😀
Some decorative at the lobby....i have no idea what are these!
The room is quite spacious, this is what u'll see from the entrance.
2 single beds. The single bed is large enough to fit in 2 small size person. The room is bright and airy.
Some wall artistic like those paintings in an art gallery.
[Below] The view from another angle.
The shower room in the toilet, spacious too.
The room has all the amenities & toiletries of a typical hotel room, hence I only need to pack my clothes😁
Short stay but an enjoyable one, with comfy bed in a spacious room. Looking forward for another getaway so that i can stay in this hotel again.


mun said...

Wah, got free stay! So syiok, can enjoy the cool weather up there since here is so very hot.

PH said...

How nice! How I wish my life was carefree again, no hotel stays pun never mind.

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