Monday, May 29, 2023

Uncle Chong Local Delights Bukit Jalil

The last time I went to Uncle Chong was during the lockdown, back in year 2020. There was a short period where we can dine-in with strict restriction (and social distancing). Back then, the shop was located a few doors away from this newly refurbished shop.
This new shop looks bright and clean. Definitely a place for a sit-down yumcha for youngsters and even the elderlies.
I was there (on Wesak public holiday) to try out their promo curry noodles...which is priced at RM5.99 nett.
The curry noodles have cockles by default. If i knew this earlier, i should have put a remark for them to omit the cockles. Other ingredients are chicken thigh, taupok, long bean, brinjal, beansprout and mint leaves. The curry is not spicy at all, but has strong santan taste (which i dislike). Nevertheless i finished everything, leaving only the cockles (and soup of course).
This outlet opens until 5pm. Last order at 4:30pm.
Later in the evening, I ordered something unusual at Starbucks Mid Valley.
Instead of ordering coffee, i had their hot meal...
Utilizing my Starbucks card (worth RM30) before it is forgotten too😀
I had rice with ayam percik and masak lemak gravy.
I also ordered the curry puff ala-carte.
These 2 items cost around RM27++
Both taste good. Cosy ambience in Starbucks too.


PH said...

I didn't know that Starbucks serve rice dishes. I was wondering what it was when I looked at the photo.

mun said...

I also didn't know that Starbucks serves rice dishes. I didn't know that you don't eat cockles.

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