Thursday, May 11, 2023

FUHU Pop-Up Dining by Zouk

A new 'atas' eatery has opened. It is located in the Crockford hotel adjoining the SkyAvenue casino. This eatery serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.
The menu is fixed with 3-4 options of items to choose from for every meal.
[Below] The quiet ambience during the late nite supper.
Here are some of the dishes served:
Mutton curry rice with papadam and acar. The mutton wasn't spicy but is flavorful (from spice). Very appetising to eat with rice and the portion is generous too😀
On another day,  I had some sort of braised chicken with sea cucumber.
For supper, they have congee and siu mai, served with puer tea.
The siu mai is drenched in chili oil😋
I made a tour to this 'atas' toilet in Crockfords club. Spacious and shiny.
Unfortunately the toilet bowl is not made of gold😂


Rose world said...

Lol on the gold toilet bowl. I don't want to imagine how much those food cost in this atas outlet!!!

mun said...

I like the mutton curry rice. It must be very tasty 😋 did you use points for the food? Why do you want the toilet bowl to be gold? 😂

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