Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tiny Hotel Room

continuation from the previous post...
For the next few days, I was in a 9-6 office job, something which i dreaded last time, but somehow when in a different environment now, i felt so excited to go to the office.
I gotta enjoy my breakfast of imported HK Vitasoy😀when reaching office. It tastes 'not so sweet'...LOL *Unlike our locally made soy milk drink, ours 'not so sweet' still tastes sweet 😂
I also had Milo and Mini Coke Zero Sugar (which is imported from Indonesia). I prefer this portion of Coke as i don't feel bloated after drinking. The usual size is too much for me.
I walked back to the hotel around 6 plus, nice weather and sunset view.
My journey from the office at Robinson77 towards the South Bridge road (nearby Chinatown area) took around 15 minutes.
My hotel room is a tiny room with a single bed in Southbridge Hotel.
I did not book this place. My boss did.
Other than the tiny space, I have no qualm with the room. It is clean and decent room. The toilet is new and well kept, not those shabby ones.
As it is located above a pub/bistro which have a live band till midnite, there would be some noise from downstair (but it is still tolerable)
I told my boss to get a proper hotel room next time😅


Rose world said...

I remember my last trip to Thailand, we booked an inn in Phuket where it was rather lively and noisy at night as surrounded by pubs and bistros!! Gosh, we can heard the music but luckily able to get some sleep then. Lol.

mun said...

Ya, get a hotel room not on top of a pub which is noisy. You need to work in the day so u need peace and quiet for a good night sleep. So nice to be able to walk to the office to work.

mun said...

Local made soy milk without sugar is not sweet at all la. You have been buying the wrong types which is still sweet with less sugar.

PH said...

It's nice that the hotel is within walking distance from office. Very convenient! No need to take MRT.

Not so nice anymore....

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