Saturday, June 3, 2023

Chinatown Singapore

Due to a short notice on the trip, my boss did not manage to get a better accommodation for us. He booked me a room nearby Chinatown which is about 15-20 min walk to the office. Despite slightly far from the office, the hotel is nearby the local attractions and eateries. Hence, going to Chinatown is just a few minutes walks away.
On the first evening, I walked to the Chinatown Point mall and tried the noodle in Tam Jai Sam Gor.
Ordered a spicy & sour mixian with added pork belly (SGD9.50 nett)
Rich and tangy soup. It was tasty and I finished it in no time.
After then, a visit to the library located at the mall's top floor.
Public library is quite common in SG mall. And good thing is that it has desk for anyone/public to do their work or reading, as long as they don't cause nuisance nor talking loud.
It has a children's corner too.
If i stay here, i would frequent to this library daily, coz got free aircond😂
Meanwhile, here's how the night scene looks like from the entrance of Chinatown Point.
The colonial style buildings are so well-maintained.
Colorful facade.
[Below] This old building is situated right in front of the hotel i stayed.
Some of the eateries at Chinatown. The building and the streets are brightly lit up.


mun said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of sg. So brightly lit and colourful at night. Room may be small but location is great! Can give your boss credit for that. 😄

PH said...

I won't mind walking 15-20 minutes to office. It would be nice if we had this public library concept over here.

Nancy Chan said...

Chinatown Singapore is beautiful. I have been to Chinatown when I was a kid and it was so different from today's Chinatown.

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