Saturday, June 24, 2023

Mee Goreng Mamak @ Kwong Wah's, Pavillion Bukit Jalil

[Throwback] I had a short meetup with friend at Kwong Wah's.
This time, I decided to try out some other items from the menu apart from their usual ABC/cendol.
I ordered a plate of mee goreng mamak with sotong. It came with a half-sized boiled egg. The noodle portion is generous too. It was served hot, fresh from the wok. Tastewise OK, flavorful but slightly sweet. I might order this again, but not that soon. 
Meanwhile, i tried out Gardenia instant noodles, known as 'numee'
The 'numee' curry flavor is spicier than the Maggi Kari. The Maggi Kari powder has slight star anise taste, however, there is none detected for this.
[Below] The view facing south with cloudy skies. Picture taken on late April, days before leaving to SG.


Twilight Man said...

It has been years I have not seen the ABC being served in glasses! They were common sights in my hometown when I was a student. So refreshing.

PH said...

I had no idea that Gardenia has instant noodles. ABC is very nice on hot days!

mun said...

Ah, maybe one day I will try their Mee goreng. Saw this new instant noodles but didn't try it yet. Nice photo of the view!

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