Wednesday, June 14, 2023

KLM Flight: KUL - AMS - PTY

A week after the SG trip, I was being sent off to Panama. The flight ticket costs GBP2602 (equivalent to MYR14888.20).
It was booked by my supervisor who is based in the UK, hence the price in pound. I was so reluctant to do it coz the cost would burst my credit card limit. Because of such pricey ticket, I felt the 'pressure' of going there coz they would expect me to 'deliver up to the expectation'.
But, that's another story.
Now, foodie pictures first....
The flight to Panama City includes a stop at Schipol airport at Amsterdam.
The KLM flight serves 2 meals during my 12 hours journey to AMS.
First meal: Chicken curry, biryani rice with acar
and mango salad, cakes, bun.
This meal is prepared by Brahims caterer in Malaysia, hence the local tastes.
Second meal: Egg omelette, sausage, potato wedges
and fruits, yogurt.
in between the 2 main meals, they also served buns.
[Below] The view when approaching Schipol airport - greeneries of the countryside Netherlands.
The Schipol airport is the hub for KLM.
Nice weather in the morning. My connecting flight is 5 hours away. So, time for 'lepak' around the transit area.
Schipol airport isn't that huge and fancy as compared to Changi, hence nothing to shout about.
But one thing for sure, despite not a fancy one, it is well-maintained, the signboards are clear & direct and the toilets are clean, which are essentials for travelers. 
Yes, I see people drinking water from the tap (in the toilet).

First meal: Brocolli, mashed potatoes, chicken cubes
and side condiments such as olives, unknown pickles stuffed with cream cheese (i think), unknown minced fish (not sure, but it's slightly spicy), bun.
in between meals, i was served with stroopwafel (yes! my fav) and also a chicken ham sandwich.
Second meal: Pizza bun, macaroni salad, mousse
In total, the journey from KL to Panama City took around 28 hours++, including 5 hours layover in Amsterdam.
Overall, KLM foods are nice (not overly seasoned like Emirates).
Toilets are clean despite a full flight on both journeys.
It was a pleasant experience.


mun said...

Wow! U going to do audit in panama city ah? Enjoy! Are you still there or back already?

mun said...

Why the company didn't pay the tickets for u but asked u to pay n claim yourself? Not flight desk?

mun said...

For the first meal, what is that inside the cover below the bun and next to the light yellow mango salad?

Nux V said...

Mun: tht's carrot cake. Yes, company asked us to pay for ticket first, then reimburse laterπŸ™„. I m still in Panama.

mun said...

Thanks for your reply. Ooooo, carrot cake sounds tasty. πŸ˜‹ Looking on the bright side, paying for that ticket will get you lots of reward bonus points for your credit card. Yay!
Enjoy yourself in Panama! You are world traveller. πŸ‘

Twilight Man said...

I heard Brahims food and laughed. Big news now and good riddance.

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