Thursday, February 16, 2023

Yitcha Kaw Kaw Kopitiam @ Sri Petaling

Recently there is a few kopitiams opened in the neighbourhood, serving almost similar food items such as toasts, light snacks/pastries for breakfast/lunch/teatime, white coffee, noodles etc....
One of it is Yitcha Kaw Kaw which is located right next to Phang Kee dimsum.
Decided to have lunch here after bought some egg tarts and Chinese pastries at their counter.
Late lunch....was so hungry, so i ordered a curry noodles (small) and a bowl of shrimp wanton.
Shrimp wanton with fresh and bouncy shrimps, the soup is full of umami....superlike!
Meanwhile the curry noodle soup is thick and has strong lemongrass taste, very aromatic. 
Generous ingredients in the noodles, such as long beans, beansprout, deep fried crispy wanton, cabbages, crispy beancurd skin and lastly hakka pork which is so well marinated and succulent.
Shrimp wanton costs RM7.50 for 5 pieces (in a bowl) and curry noodle costs RM11.90.
There is 10% service charge and 6% taxes applied on top of it.
On another day, i have no idea on what to back to my default McD mix-and-match,
cheeseburger + fries (RM6.50nett)
fried chicken + fries (RM7nett)
i didn't finish all the fries alone, it was shared.
Wanted to compare 2 different egg tarts in RT Bakery, so i bought a box each and mix-and-match myself....I wish they could fit in one type each into the box.
Ordinary egg tarts costs RM5.40 per box (of 2 pieces)
Portuguese egg tarts costs RM6 per box (of 2 pieces)
I personally prefer Portuguese egg tarts coz it is milkier and sweeter, but of course pricier too!
2 weeks ago, the team had a CNY lunch before the Chap Goh Mei (15th day of CNY). We had buffet lunch at Le Meridien Hotel @ Putrajaya...
They have a special counter where patrons can pick the ingredients for lousang....So, there goes our lousang for this year....
On another occasion, I tapao-ed chicken rice from Fortune Corner restaurant (in Genting Highlands) courtesy of the food voucher. Well, this restaurant has called it a day on 13 Feb, so no longer can eat their chicken rice anymore.
Hopefully there will be some better eateries where I could utilise the food voucher when this is gone.

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mun said...

I have seen this new yitcha eatery with many types of pastries but didn't try any yet. Mcd is my go-to eat shop when I don't want to eat other items. Long time I didn't go any buffet, must be nice. Egg tarts for me anytime. The aeon square egg tarts you recommended are very tasty, thanks!

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