Saturday, July 9, 2022

Garlic Bread

Occasionally, the office pantry will be stocked up with naan breads and garlic breads, as well as eggs.
So on those days when i m in the office, I would reheat the bread to savor.
Trying out the newly bought oven at pantry.
The outcome - fluffy garlic bread😋
My lunches these days would alternate between tapao and eat-out (when work in office), 
or home-cooked and deliveries (when WFH).
So, here's my unhealthy lunch tapao-ed from Texas Chicken drive thru in Sungai Besi PLUS highway.
2 pieces of chicken thigh in spicy flavour (as per my request) with biscuit, coleslaw and drink for RM15.99nett.
I like their honey biscuit, crispy on the outside, soft & fluffy inside.


mun said...

Wah, so nice, to have so many types of bread in the pantry. Where did they buy the garlic bread? So convenient to just heat them up to eat. I don't think eating Texas fried chicken is unhealthy when compared to eating bak kut teh or chap fan. It is unhealthy if compared to steamed vegetables meals only.

Rose world said...

Wah. So nice and well packed pantry. Can even do cooking in office with all those stuff. Hehe.

I bet I would like the honey biscuit. Wish we have Texas chicken outlet here

Nancy Chan said...

So nice to have well stocked pantry in your office and oven too. So convenient for the staffs. I love garlic bread. I miss Texas chicken, can't remember when I last enjoyed Texas chicken.

Stacy said...

What a nice magic pantry!

Ya Texas is pretty good. There's a mixed set too, can try different items.

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