Thursday, May 26, 2022

Company Dinner @ Grand Ballroom, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The so called 'company dinner' was held together with the company trip, at the hotel ballroom.
It was a simple event with some games...and well...good food!
the Company Trip aka Spring Vacation (as the committee named it) was held from 24 to 27 March, kickstart with this buffet makan makan on 24 March.
Due to SOP, the committee arranged the seating with ample distancing. Only 5 person per table.
The entire ballroom was used, despite only a small number of us (less than 60 pax).
Before the dinner starts, we were given some challenges/ of it is solving a jigsaw puzzle. The fastest to complete will get a grand prize...
At the end of the day, everyone will get a prize whether it is consolation or top 3 prizes.
My team won the 1st place. Woohooo!
After then, the makan makan starts....we were served by the hotel staffs
Here are some of the dishes:
Fish fillets
I think this is chicken
Prawns in dark soy sauce
Beef...can't remember the exact dish name
Baked eggplant in cheese
Pumpkin dish
desserts....jackfruit sago soup
assorted local kuihs
assorted tarts and mini cakes/pastries
Belgian choco cake
(below) Dunno what cake is this...
(below) more cakes with weird decoration....LOL i m so lousy in describing food
yea....there's lots more till we couldn't finish...
and of course, we have fruits too...
and what is Hard Rock hotel dinner without the cocktails?
(below) this is not milk but some sort of smoothie....taste weird like melted ice-cream....I didn't manage to finish it!
Anyway, foods were great and everyone enjoyed the free flow of cocktails that evening.
Looking forward to the next day...
Here's daytime view from my room


Nancy Chan said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of food for 60 people. The dinner is a great start to your vacation. Great and beautiful view from your hotel room.

mun said...

That is a lot of food for just 60 people. So syiok! Did you eat a bit from every dish to taste them? I wonder how the dish Baked eggplant in cheese taste like.

Rose world said...

Dinner in Hard Rock hotel, that is chic. So much food, can feed many people. True, a dinner without cocktail doesn't feel like dining in Hard Rock. Tried the food once in Hard Rock but in KK, Sabah few years ago. Unfortunately, no Hard Rock Cafe in Kuching. Sigh.

PH said...

It has been a long time since I went for buffet! Usually get to go when attending seminars but these days seminars are held virtually, so no food. LOL! I usually like to check the dessert section first hee..hee...

Stacy said...

Ahem it would help your cake description if you were to actually dig into those cakes. At least can say it's chocolate la, mousse la, mango la....

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