Monday, August 3, 2020

Dine Out 7 @ Restaurant 88, Kuchai Lama

This is my 7th dine out, which is our family dinner at Restaurant 88, Kuchai Lama.
We chose this place as it has ample seating/tables with social distancing SOP.
The restaurant is located on a hilltop, quite spacious and has good ventilation. We were seated outdoors on a cool evening, with natural breeze.
We ordered the same dishes as our previous visit
Steamed tilapia in fermented soy bean paste (taucu) -  RM48
 Fuyong omelette - RM10
and the other 3 dishes are: Stir fried green amaranth (RM15), pork rib king (RM20) and beancurd with minced pork (RM20)
 Food is OK...but servings are small compared to last time.
Pricewise, some dishes are overcharged such as the omelette and stir fried veggies.
Total overall including rice for 5 pax (RM2 per pax) and a pot of tea (RM1.50 per pax) is RM130.50


PH said...

Those are the sort of dishes I expect to eat if I dine out with my partner since that is his type of food. I really miss steamed fish. Have not had it for quite some time.

mun said...

I also miss steamed fish. Last weekend I suggest to dine in to eat steamed fish but I was vetoed so no steamed fish for me. ☹️ I know the location of this restaurant 88 but never dine there before. Food looks good. Is expected the price since omelette can be cooked at home, if eat out sure the price will feel is high.

Nux V said...

PH: u can always ajak ur partner to have steamed fish ;-)

Mun: the omelette is almost kosong shrimps at all, not even tiny bits!

Tekkaus said...

Steamed tilapia can be a bit pricey too huh. Guess I am not into fish.

Libby said...

Not easy to get fresh and tender fish outside as some may hv the soil, seawater and fishy taste.

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