UTOPIA: Come fly with me...to Nepal

Friday, October 12, 2012

Come fly with me...to Nepal

Last week i was being assigned to attend a meeting in Kathmandu...a place with nice people and great cultural sight-seeing
Off I went...on some budget airplane...
Despite that, i had the premium seat, which is sort of the business-class-equivalent with wider seats, plenty of legroom, reserved and cleaner washroom and better services. Before touching down Tribhuvan International Airport, we were handed the visa application forms to fill up. The visa entry is a must for every foreigner from non-Indian continent. I paid about USD25 for 15 days, despite only staying there for 3 days...
 yea, i was on front row of the premium class!
 complimentary meal that comes with it
 nothing special, jst some plain nasi lemak (Malaysian meal)
 here's a snapshot of the airport from its parking lot...looks dull and old
 and the below picture was taken on my departure back...the airport is actually situated on a hill top...here you can see the city from afar
 and i was on front row again, but this time not on premium class :-(
 despite that, i still got my meal....just another plain Chicken Rice
i would have fly on MAS if not being fully booked :-(
so sick on flying on budgeted airline, not b'coz it makes me sick but the plane was shaky (air turbulence) throughout the journey, making me uncomfortable, that i hav to swallow some paracetamol during my both journey...

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