UTOPIA: This is NOT a Valentine's day blog

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is NOT a Valentine's day blog

Oh, today's V-day?
I can't even remember it....it is like any other ordinary day but with lotsa people trying to show-off their other half! *i m expecting lotsa couples to 'booo' me now!
Anyway, just drop by to make my presence felt as i have been silence for almost a week...(perhaps not! but it just seems long, and i begin to miss my blog!)
Life hav been great, been to some 'gathering' with my former Form5 classmates...and noticed that they hav such a great life too...(not goin to blog about it now)
Anyway, i have just updated my 'other' blog...ok, it isn't mine...just being given the honour to post someting over there....here is it, (*click on the below link before it gets deleted)

Feel free to visit and drop some comments!

Now X, i m so kind enuff to divert the traffic to your blog...u
oh, btw tis is my first post under label 'craps'
(*more nonsense, crappy, juicier, crispier posts to come!)


MakeTraffic said...

Hi Nux, Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine blessing for you, May you be blessed.


John said...

Happy Valentine's Day! (even though this is NOT a Valentine post!)

x said...

yay....free promo, i love the craps wukakakakakkaa....good, will help each other out..i am going to put up your banner in my blog XD

3POINT8 said...

I dated my blog on valentines...
That way, no one can boo me!!

khengsiong said...

Why lotsa couple boo you? Too many dates???

Nux V said...

maketraffic & john: same to you! (though is already over)

x: thanks muchie! yea, just saw my banner at ur site, but it doesn't look good...too plain and without header...can change ar?

3point8: me too, was dating my blog on V-day!

khengsiong: nolar, i got no dates :-(

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