Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Kenny Hills Coffee @ The Food Merchant OUG

First time visiting The Food Merchant OUG, after recommendation by colleagues. It was a Sunday and there was a Thai Food Fair at the parking lot, hence parking space was limited that day.
Hot and sunny day so i wanted to have something a comfy place - Kenny Hills Coffee.
Ordered a watermelon smoothie 'Pink Guzzler'. Paid and seated at table 6, waiting to be served😀
A decent size glass of iced smoothie for the price of RM18.55 (i think i can buy a 3kg watermelon with this price). The glass is smaller than the table number😂
Anyway, nice to enjoy a pricey smoothie in the cafe once-in-a-while. 
After cooling down, I went to buy sushi from the Food Merchant supermarket. Tuna and salmon sushi. On the side is cucumber roll.
Outside at the parking lot, the Thai Food Fair with various stalls set up - there was a stall selling deep fried insects....
Do you dare to try?
Tables available for outdoor dining...I guess it is only 'merrier' in the evening. No one will sit here under the hot sun during the daytime.
Plenty tables....
I did not visit all the stalls, just glanced thru some of them....this sort of Thai Food Fair available all year round, rotating around the neighborhoods in the vicinity.
[Below] Unrelated to the above, my first time trying the crispy deep fried fuchuk (beancurd sheet) from Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee shop. It was served hot and crispy, so it is nice to bite on like keropok.
Am not interested with deep fried insect, but deep fried fuchuk a big yes!
[Below] 'Buy 3 free 1' promotion at Authentic Bakery, Pinnacle mall from 7pm onwards.
I bought a cheese stick, donut, sausage bun and sugar bun.
Total RM10.80nett
The buns, cheese stick and donut taste alright😋
Will buy again when i'm in the mood of eating buns/donuts.


mun said...

No, I wouldn't try the deep fried insects. Jaya Grocer sells one seedless red watermelon 4.5 kg is rm24 so u can diy many glasses of watermelon juice or add milk and banana for smoothies but no nice Kenny hills coffee ambiance la.

Anil said...
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contact.ewew said...

Yes, Kenny Hills drinks are on the expensive side but I do think they're made with quality ingredients like their food & pastries. Love their coffees too.

PH said...

You only has a watermelon smoothie? I thought you might have had pastries to go along. I don't think I am brave enough to try the Thai fried insects!

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