Saturday, May 18, 2024

Catedral Basilica Santa Maria La Antigua, Casco Viejo, Panama City

Construction for this church, also known as the 'Sacred Heart Cathedral', began in 1688. It is a Roman Catholic Church. The facade reminds me of Ruins of St Paul (Macau) which was built around that era.
The blueprint is digitised in softcopy which is seen in the Canal Museum (that I visited earlier)
As this is a touristy spot, a triker is available for rent if you wish to 'tour' the old city in style.
USD60 per hour rental. This triker is parked right outside the cathedral.
The kiamsiap me: No thanks, i prefer to spend that amount elsewhere and tour the old city by foot.
Meanwhile, inside the cathedral, it was all calm and cooling. Nice to enjoy the aircond and sit on the benches to escape the scorching sun and noon heat outside.
This place is so well-kept and refurbished, it even have LCD tv screens at the side seatings where the altar is blocked by pillars. With such screens, those seated at the side can have a clear view of the center aisle and altar.
Restored and well-maintained. Visitors are not allowed to trespass the altar.
The exit door as seen from the aisle.
Another altar at a smaller prayer room.
Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.


mun said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. Very nice 👍🙂

Stacy said...

I thought it was unfinished - looks derelict sandwiched between two white buildings.

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