Thursday, June 8, 2023

Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

On the second day, my colleague wasn't able to join me for an after-work dinner so i went alone on my food excursion.
It was a good 5 minutes walk from the office.
I was so keen on trying the SG version of kway chap, so i ordered one to try. It costs SGD5.
I also wanted to try the braised pork rice, so I ordered a bowl too. Greedy me! The braised pork rice costs SGD5.50
This is how my food tray looks like...fully loaded!
The braised pork rice...well, it tastes like homecooked braised pork 😃coz it is not heavily seasoned. The flavor is subtle than KL version.
It has some braised peanuts on it too. My kind of comfort food.
[Below] SG version of kway chap with lighter colour broth. It consists of flat, broad rice sheets.
and was served with a separate bowl of braised tofu, egg, vegetarian 'pork offal'.
There are 3 types of sauces available. The sambal, sourish & spicy chili sauce and garlic chili sauce.
It was a nice meal.
[Below] The Lau Pa Sat food court tucked in the center of CBD office buildings.


mun said...

Eh, I thought you don't eat offal. Did I remember wrongly?

mun said...

Long time ago when I was in sg, I tried their kway chap with everything and the kway chap broth tastes too porky but I like kway chap in general.

Nux V said...

Mun: yes, you are correct, but this is a vegetarian version offal (the imitation ones). Phew! luckily i did not order the real thing, coz i dislike heavy porky taste too.

PH said...

What a scrumptious meal! You can eat a lot just like me hah..hah... In Hokkien Lau Pa Sat means old market,

Rose world said...

Is the kway chap vegetarian?? No pork?? Don't make it a kway chap if not pork.

Pork leg rice and kway chap are dishes you could find easily in Kuching. Sometimes one stall selling the both.

Nancy Chan said...

Your dinner looks yummy. Have a great new week.

Twilight Man said...

I love to eat Kway Chap and I heard this dish originally came from Thailand which was a surprise. So I found the Thai Chinese versions to be very delicious and oomph!

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