Monday, September 19, 2022

Ah Guang Lamb Pot @ Puchong Jaya

The same colleague who lose bet to me back in July lose again for the second time and this time he gotta treat me a bigger meal😂 (padan muka!)
Nope, i did not choose this was his suggestion coz he want to utilise his membership card.
We ordered the default lamb pot.
which is cooked by their staff on-the-spot
it came with the veggies such as enoki mushroom, some greens, taupok, shiitake mushroom and carrots.
We also ordered ala-carte black cuttlefish balls and lamb rack.
We were enjoying the lamb rack while waiting for the pot to be cooked.
The lamb does not taste gamey, so i m OK with it. The soup in the lamb pot is refillable.
Total price came to RM91.10 after membership discount and some 'lucky draw' for further discount (of RM7).
well...this fella is not shy of losing bet to me....and he still owe me another meal coz he lose again on another bet😂😆 (for 3rd time straight!)
Meanwhile some of the lunches i had in the office these days:
Nasi briyani with condiments from nasi lemak, sausages and a piece of fried chicken from the nearby Malay stall. This costs RM7.
'Seafood Fried Rice' from the cafeteria in UPM Golf Course. This costs RM13.
Below is 'Kampung Fried Rice' from the nearby Malay stall. This is super affordable at RM4.50 only....but there is only small pieces of chicken chunks, kangkung and anchovies.
Back in the office, we have longans in the pantry. On-and-off, the 'office' will supply us with fruits and it's on first-come-first-serve basis...
there were oversupply of beers too.....Heineken, Carlsberg, Tiger, Edelweiss, Guinness Stout, Apple Cider...u named it we have it!
The office admin must be crazy thinking that we are drunkards😂
Since i seldom drink, i can only consume the eggs (apart from the longans).
Made 'steamed eggs' (in a cup) using microwave. Added some soy sauce and pepper and it is good to go.


Rose world said...

Lol. Lost 3 times to you?? Definitely lucky star is on your side. Been treated to big meals, not bad idea. Haha. The claypot lamb looked good. Nice to take on a cold night.

mun said...

Is that fella married or got girlfriend? If not, I think he purposely lose to you so that he can spend time with you and treat you to meals la.

PH said...

Wah you are so good at betting! I wonder what you all bet? LOL! Very nice treat that you got. Goodness me! Office fridge got beer! Can have after work minum2 session.

Nancy Chan said...

You are one lucky girl. The clay pot lamb and lamb rack look delicious. Your admin so nice, supplying all kinds of beer, fruits and eggs. That is a healthy way to consume the eggs.

Stacy said...

What are you people betting on??

Lamb meal looks unique and yummy.

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