Monday, January 22, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 4 (Late Evening)

After Taipa, we adjourned to the Venetian...
this place is is impossible to explore the entire area within hours
anyway, we spent more time in the casino/hotels/shops inside the building since we were not interested on the exterior
the colorful & patterned facade provides a great background for photography
but not much people taking pictures here...
I tink people are more fascinated with the golden and luxurious interior inside these buildings
just look at the shiny made me dizzy as I thought I would fall
it's always daytime in here
this section is modelled after Venice, Italy
yes, there is gondola ride, but we did not try them out.
As we explored further, we saw this Victorian-style looking lobby....
Basically all shops in Venetian sells branded items....sort of our KL Starhill or Pavillion....
but since we are not high-end shoppers, we only glanced thru and walk away....
took another shuttle bus to Galaxy Macau to watch their 'Fortune Diamond Fountain' show
it was so mesmerizing & soothing to watch the fountain with coloured lights that changes every seconds
Galaxy Macau is another huge casino/hotel around the vicinity
just look at the replica....the size is almost equivalent to our Genting Highlands, spanning a few blocks!
I just can't get enuff of looking at the replica, to be amazed with its huge size!
After then, we took another free shuttle bus to Wynn Macau, hoping to catch their outdoor fountain show.
Yes, we managed to reach before the scheduled timing, but it was all quiet....No people, no fountain.
What happened?
The hotel staff told us that they are running short of electricity, hence no fountain show on that day :-(
aiseh, no luck to watch 'Live' go home watch You Tube lah!


mun said...

Never mind can always go again next time to catch the live fountain show. Lucky the storm was over when you visited Macau.

Nux V said...

Mun: haha yea...anyway, I dun tink I will go there anytime soon...perhaps a few more years later ;-)

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