Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ

Back in the early/mid of 2017, a new Korean BBQ restaurant has just opened in the neighbourhood. Being a Korean food enthusiast, I have been anticipating on its opening, but unfortunately I did not make it to their opening promotional buffet, coz no one is free to join me during then and the crowd craze was kinda putting me off.
After a few months, the crowd is lesser, i decided to have a bbq buffet dinner on one fine evening. I have got myself prepared for the heavy 'red meat' bbq meal by fasting the whole day so that I can 'sapu' as much food during the 2-hours dining (kiasu mode on!).
Upon seated, the banchans were served - cheesy macaroni, sautéed long beans, sausages, picked radish, kimchi, cucumber & lettuce salad, caramelised peanuts & anchovies, sautéed eggplants and fresh lettuce. All refillable, but u r not goin to eat them for the 2nd round coz there are over 30 items in the menu to choose for the main course, ranging from bbq meats, kimchi fried rice, pajeon, crispy Korean fried chicken, japchae, ttukbokki, bibimbap and all sorts of jjigae!
me & sis ordered a number of pork belly marinated in various sauces as well as beef and squid...Both of us took turns to grill the meats...We fully utilised the 2 hours to finish grilling and eating our food...and were super full with all these greasy meat!
 there goes the bill...we ordered a total of 12 ala carte items from the menu!
pricewise is reasonable, ambience not-too-bad coz it is air-conditioned place, but for sure u'll get an after-dine-smoky-odour.
*Dinner starts from 5pm till 11pm, but for buffet it is within the 2 hours limit.
After the meaty meal, we went for lychee aloe vera drinks in Tealive to cool down our throat.


Libby said...

Not really into Korean food, but once in a while I don't mind having it, I would also order a lot of Pork Belly for Korean BBQ

mun said...

Good price for big eaters. You and your sister also did well eating quite a lot. Me, I cannot so cannot go eat here. I like their banchan - nice selection.

Nux V said...

Libby: Well marinated pork belly is the best for Korean bbq!

Mun: lol, yea definitely not for u. I have to 'fast' to save up 'space' so that we can fit in more ;-)

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