Monday, January 29, 2018

Hong Kong, Day 3 - Part 1 (Noon)

Continuation from previous post
The following day after our 'jam-packed' Macau trip, we decided to have a leisure & slow pace day....We woke up quite late and started our journey with our first meal - Roast Goose rice! 
We leisurely walked to Kam's Roast Goose restaurant, located at Hennessy Rd, which is just a few steps away from where we stayed.
The queue was long coz it was a weekend, but I happily queue and enjoyed the street scene, observing the activities of the locals and nearby business!
Yes, this is another Michelin star restaurant that we gonna try....
they have a 'systematic' queue system despite being done manually. The person who coordinates this is so efficient as to not let others wait too long & to maximize their business.
Here's the interior...all seats were taken up. We shared a table with a few couples from mainland China (very typical Chinese coz they ordered lavishly!)
staffs were busy taking orders & preparing the dishes
here was my order, just a simple one...
tastewise ok, i think it is over-rated as i could get better ones elsewhere. Plum sauce was mildly sweet, but is was nice.
after our 'breakfast', we took the MTR to Central and have our second meal - Beef Brisket noodle!
And queue front of this shop - Kau Kee Beef Noodle restaurant.
We ordered Beef brisket with ee-fu noodles
and Curry beef tendon noodle...
both were good, but i prefer the curry noodle, due to its flavorful beef tendon!
After our second meal, we were too full to fit in more we had a walk....
Our trip this time is to cover those places that we did not manage to visit last time...
One of it is Man Mo temple. This temple is graded as a Grade I historic building since 1993 and is one of the oldest temple in HK island.
i was surprised that this place is quite popular among the photographers & Instagramers....
yea, many people thronged here to have a good picture of its interior!
the sun ray added some touch to its 'oriental feel'
the giant jossticks....
since we were already in Hollywood road, we walked quite abit to hunt down these wall arts!
these are scattered all around in alleys and back lanes!
some were nice, some just so-so,
but they added colors to those old buildings.
we then walked up the hills (yes, very steep hill)
and visited the PMQ which is a former Police Married Quarters
the complex has now become some sort of hangout place for hipster
the current PMQ now houses a number of cafeterias, restaurants and boutiques.
NEXT is to visit......hmmnn...let me see....
Man Mo Temple - checked!
Gough Street - checked!
PMQ - checked!
Central Mid Levels Escalator - checked!
ok, left Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum....
the museum is located further up the hill, in this colonial looking building...
The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum - formerly a mansion for the rich Mr. Ho Kom Tong 
the Victorian style interior
this is the main hall in the first floor
a statue of Dr. Sun at the side entrance.
the museum displays a number of written documents, agreements and even Dr. Sun's exam results during his studies in HK College of Medicine!
there are also audio rooms in the upper floors where you can watch some historic documentaries of him.
Well, if you are interested in history, u'll find this place educational.
when we left, it was already 5pm....


Libby said...

I like the photos of the temple with the rays of sun, got feel

Twilight Man said...

I love your photos again and you really have keen eyes for good shots that I would never see. Can you give me some lessons?? LOL
I have been to HKG over 10 times but didn;t even visit those places. Haiks!

Nux V said...

Libby: thanks!

Twilight Man: I'm sure u have plenty of opportunities to visit HK again...u can cover those 'lubang' that u did not get to explore then ;-)

mun said...

How did you manage to take photos of the temple without anyone in them? Last time I went to a temple in HK there were so many people that I did not even have space to stand and the smoke from the joss sticks overwhelmed me.

Phong Hong said...

I am always more interested in the food part hee..hee..

Nux V said...

Mun: that area is not the main prayer people don't linger there for long.

Phong Hong: aha....u r a foodie person, jst like me!

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