Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 1 (Morning)

Continuation from previous post
I woke up quite early on the 2nd day, coz we were goin to Macau. We took the early ferry ride from HK island direct to Macau. It was quite scenic throughout the journey.
 clear blue skies with some clouds and some vessels/boats can be seen from afar. It also passed by Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge which was near completion back then.
 Had this 'cheong fun' as our breakfast while in the ferry. It was bought somewhere along the Hennessy Road while on our way to the Wanchai MTR station.
 Reached Macau around 9am on a very hot sunny weather. From the ferry terminal, we walked to our first destination, passing by 'Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre' on our way. So where did we go?
 yes, this Roman Amphitheatre!
 It was all deserted and empty when we reached. Only found out that the place has been cordoned off for safety checks due to typhoon Hato that cracks part of its' architecture (as told by some officer).
We quickly took a few photos before being driven away by the security....
Anyway, nothing special there, coz it is just some replicas...
After then, took a free shuttle to Grand Lisboa Hotel, just to 'look-see' on one of the biggest hotel/casino in Macau
 over at the lobby it displays some art carvings
 everywhere is sparkling & blinking with gold & crystal lights
here's one of the gold carvings
  u also get to see some antiques
 such as this ancient clock retrieved from the Qing dynasty
well, this place is like a gallery of luxurious art collection...


mun said...

ah no food in macau this post. waiting for part 2 for the food.

mun said...

the cheong fun does not count cos not eaten in macau.

Phong Hong said...

How exciting! I like those carvings.

Libby said...

All the antiques look so glittering and luxurious!

The first time I went HK, they let us choose go Macau or Lantau Island, we chose Lantau Island cos we wanted to go see the Buddha.

Nux V said...

Mun: we dun eat much in Macau coz we spent time on sight-seeing/snack shopping. The food we had was mostly on-the-go ;-)

Phong Hong: me too....I think they worth millions each!

Libby: i heard the vegetarian food there not bad.

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