Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Late Nite Dinner....

Guess where?
 The ambience is indeed classy with table lamp and dim lights
back to 70s...interior design...
 it has alfresco dining too...
 but all people gone....this restaurant is so empty & deserted
 nevertheless it served fresh steamed bun from the counter
 such a comfort food especially on a cold & rainy nite
 a selection of coffee on the rack for sale
It's Papparich!
 seems like i was the only patron during then (it is usually crowded)
*where has the crowds gone???
To satisfy my craving for curry....I had "rotee"
well, I mean roti canai
 and curry noodles...yumm yummmm...both are so curry-licious yummy!
the roti canai has a crispy crust but is fluffy inside and the curry gravy is so aromatic and thick that made me craving for more!
On the other hand, curry noodles was just average but it comes with plenty of taupok, fishcake rolled in beancurd skin and a few piece of chicken. The default bowl of curry noodle has cockles too, but I requested them to opt out.
this would satisfy my cravings for curry or perhaps "Malaysian food" for the time being. Alrite, not that i'm outta country, but i guess Papparich is on par with Old Town when it comes to serving Malaysian foods in a nicer ambience. Been to both Papparich & Old Town various times (over the years since it launched) but doesn't cross my mind to take pictures of the food coz they are just ordinary street food that can be seen everywhere in!
well, I'm sure most of us have seen a You Tube video about M'sian food (that went viral few months back). There are plenty of delicious mouth watering Malaysian food as depicted in this video, but let's go with roti canai and curry noodle first, i'm gonna blog about char kuey teow and satay in my next visit to Papparich...

Bon Appetit!


RealGunners said...

Wow! You had the rotee and curry noodles all by yourself?
You confuse me leh, sometimes it feels you are a light eater, but sometimes like this.. @.@

Nux V said...

RealGunners: i think i told u before, that day i was so pissed off with some work issue...order stuffs like nobody's business. It really depends on mood ;-)
Btw, i took very long to finish up my food that day...

[SK] said...

late nite dinner?? haha, how late and that could be supper i guess?? actually when you showed the photos of the interior by sections, the place really look like posh only, until you showed the counter and the table rack with service button and order chit and pencil.. then already know it's papparich, haha!! :D

Princess Ribbon said...

I really couldn't guess it's Papparich from your picture, haha.. Seldom go there as the food all very pricey.. I remembered Kz having one fish & chips and soya bean, total RM30+. *faint*

Small Kucing said...

so classy ah...I thought some hotel or something.

mun said...

By the 5th photo, the counter, I know it is Paparich already. So is this in the Scope new building?

For me when we go to Paparich, my spouse would always order the big nasi lemak and I would eat off his plate unless I am very, very hungry. I prefer Paparich food to Old Town but the price Old Town is cheaper because portion is smaller by a bit.

Nux V said...

SK: 9:30pm consider as dinner cum supper i guess. Yea, once u see the order chit or the press button, immediately u can guess the place ;-)

Princess Ribbon: u seldom go, so it might be hard to guess. Judging from the price (RM30+), their fish & chip is kinda huge?

Small Kucing: agree! indeed it looks like hotel restaurant.

Mun: haha...their signature counter rite? Yea, go to Papparich only when very very hungry or when u have big appetite. I dun have preferences between both Papparich & Old Town, to me Papparich is the place when i wanna indulge, meanwhile Old Town is to grab some decent portion meal ;-).

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