Monday, November 3, 2014

FINALE: Shanghai, Day 5 - Part 2 (Lunch & Departure)

After taken our breakfast and checking out, we got into our bus to some place.
Organizer: "Let's have our final meal before departs. We will be heading for our early lunch now"
Us: huh??? eating again?
Yea, with most of us still full from the breakfast that we took not long ago, we were now 'forced' to have our lunch before leaving for airport. Anyhow, since this meal has been included into the itinerary, I might as well just join in to have sort of "farewell lunch" with the group of people that I just got to know a few days back.
it was a leisure lunch this hurried coz we were not chasing any itinerary...and our flight was schedule in the evening.
we were brought to a seafood restaurant which sells many "live catches". Customer can pick their seafood selection and get the restaurant to cook according to the suggested menu displayed in the pictures.
Well, despite that, we were not there for the seafood. Our organizer has pre-ordered our dishes, another 10-course 10-dish meal!
Dish 1: Steamed chicken
Dish 2: Fried fish cake with cucumber
Dish 3: Sweet & Sour boneless fish. By now, this dish has been so common as it has been served in every meal without fail.
Dish 4: Stir fried long bean. I like it so much...very homely dish!
Dish 5: Meatball soup
just look at the amount of ingredients in this soup...lotsa meatball
Dish 6: Fried prawns...Lazy to peel off the skin...hence I didn't take.
Dish 7: another soup, sort of melon soup.
Dish 8: baby 'bok choy'.
Dish 9: fried minced meat.
Dish 10: Mapo tofu (beancurd). This is also another common one being served in most of the meal.
Throughout our trip, we have never fail to have a meal with less than 10 dishes!
After the 'heavy' meal, we adjourned to the airport with a "heavy heart"...
and bid farewell to Shanghai & our tour guides.
till we meet again...
Goodbye China!


RealGunners said...

I think it is the norm for China people to stuff you with food. It was like that when I joined the nerd trip to Guangzhou. The only thing our hosts worry about is that we might go hungry!

mun said...

The prawns are so big! Lazy also I will eat since they are so big and look tasty. The meatballs are big too.

Princess Ribbon said...

As usual, all the food looks so good.. I don't mind oily food, really.. I'm not "papai" or "yimchim" type.. I still eat oily and fatty food.. I love that plate of steamed chicken, sweet & sour fish, that pot of meatball soup and lastly, the mapo tofu.. Not kidding, but me alone can finish those 4 dishes !!

Nux V said...

RealGunners: haha...very true! In most meal, the host keep on asking us if the food was enuff when we can't even finish off the food on the table!

Mun: U will enjoy the prawns all by yourself, coz me and the others at the table are a bunch of lazy bum who doesn't like peeling prawns ;-)

Princess Ribbon: good choice! out of your few selections, the mapo tofu & sweet and sour fish were quite good.

Small Kucing said...

all the food ngum me leh...yummy

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