Thursday, November 13, 2014

ich liebe es! McD Cheeseburger Deluxe

In one of the usual days where i stayed back for work, i went over to McD for a quick bite and ordered something new from the menu....Cheeseburger Deluxe. It consists of a thin slice of beef, a slice of cheese and plenty of greens, well i mean lettuce, which would be a better option than the usual cheeseburger....I'm still a fan of Taro pie, so i got myself one for dessert instead of the ice cream ;-)
Total damage: RM 8.95 for this set of my so-called "Happy Meal".


Princess Ribbon said...

So the difference between a cheeseburger and cheeseburger deluxe lies in the greens? My favourite would always be the double cheeseburger set (Coke replaced with Milo) with 6 pcs of chicken nuggets.. Yummzzz

RealGunners said...

Don't eat beef in Malaysia, the only burgers I eat in McD nowadays are the Spicy McDeluxe, GCB or Filet-O-Fish.
Forget I said that, I rarely eat in McD nowadays, so it doesn't matter :D

Nux V said...

Princess Ribbon: yea the difference isn't much. They put in lettuce to promote healthier diet as a way to attract more customer...anyway whoever who eats burger dun really care mch about the greens!

RealGunners: haha, we all know u refrain from having fast KFC, McD or Pizza whatever fastfood chain doesn't seem to matter u ;-)

mun said...

Du sprechen deutsche!! I am going to buy McD fish fillet on nov17 when the buy 1 get one free starts. :D

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