Friday, May 9, 2014

Flight Meal: KL - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Taking flight meal on MAS airline could be an unpleasant experience if u r taking the same flight over and over again. Their menu seems to never change, and has been fixed for that particular route (destination). Imagine if u r going to China for a few times, the chances is that u'l get a same dish of rice, chicken and veggie, entirely replicated from the flight u took previously!
Alrite, perhaps i exaggerated too much...
But hey, at least the taste are pretty similar to me!
Anyway, two weeks back, i was travelling to Dhaka again...
My maiden journey to Bangladesh was being fed with curry rice and dhal, so i'm putting some tiny hope that this time i wouldn't get the same meal again.
Before that, let me show u a pic of the plane's is a 2-5-2 seating and it's NEW (to my surprise).
luckily i was seated at the corner seating for two. I pity those in the middle especially on long there isn't mch room to stretch their legs. Despite particularly everyting are new...i only managed to enjoy the 'spacious' washroom...Yea, the washroom is indeed 'not the ordinary' teeny-weeny cubicle in some other flights i took before. 
Other than that, i was too tired for the late nite flight, and decided to just doze-off instead of exploring the entertainments on the screen.
 Here's what i had durin' my 3.5 hour flight to Dhaka.
Potato wedges, fried fish in bolognaise sauce, steamed baby carrots and brocolli as the main dish, some very hardened 'cake' as dessert, and cucumber salad plus a choice of drink.
phew....luckily i made the right choice of taking fish...else i would be served with curry rice if i choose the 'chicken' menu.
 On the return flight i have no choice....coz both 'mutton' or 'chicken' are cooked in spices which eventually served with some curry veggies....
so, i opted for the 'chicken' menu
overall, the food is okay compared to my previous experiences....despite still being oily and flavorful due to excessive spices.

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