Monday, May 12, 2014

Breakfast @ GreenGoose Guest House, Gulshan, Dhaka

My colleague booked me a room at GreenGoose rather than Sarina Hotel :-(
Well, i dun expect much from this guest house as compared to that 5-star hotel...hence my expectation over their breakfast has been 'toned down'...
GreenGoose is more of like a service apartment with the concept of homely environment. It is situated at a small alley rather than the commercial area. Well guarded by security guards and its gate is locked all the time. I felt like living in a 'prison' rather than a hotel.
Anyway, the whole experience is new, coz i got to enjoy a homely cooked breakfast specially prepared by their in-house chef, upon our order.
 the cafeteria isn't can only accommodate around 7 tables (if i recounted correctly), but that is sufficient enuf to cater for all the tenants at GreenGoose
 the windows are grilled...similar to those houses back in KL...
i felt like i'm havin' my meal at home, plus they have Kikkoman soy sauce on some tables!
that reminds me of the bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce at my home dining table :-)
 but well, i dun need the soy sauce anyhow...
coz most of the food are flavorful enuff with spices.
Here's what i had....
i ordered someting oriental....chinese-style chow mein (fried noodle)
just ordering that for the sake of curiousity, coz i wonder how it taste like if being cooked by a bangladeshi chef!
turns out very yummie ;-)
all thanks to the spices. 
and i was also served with a plate of complimentary fruits....
well, that neutralized all the spices tht i gulped down from the noodles.
Bon Appetit!

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