Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meat Dumpling - Wonton

One of those cold nite in Shanghai, i went with a group of tourmates to this wonton shop. It operates even after midnite and is still having patron droppin' by....at 1am plus...
yea...i was there at around that time coz someone needs to take-away (to-go) a bowl of hot wonton soup for his supper.
 here's the menu board...if u can read chinese
 here's one that i had...the smaller version of wonton with pork filling
 and the larger one which I know as 'sui kao' (in cantonese)...but tastes pretty mch similar to that of wonton...
Tastewise, i still prefer the HK version...as it has huge and juicy shrimps stuffed in every wonton.
Shanghai version is too bland, jst like the local ones in KL.
 on another hand, I tink their instant noodles are much more superb than what we have here locally
they hav spicy szechuan beef noodle....
as a hopeless junkie, i bought the large bowl...it was huge that I gotta share with mum
it tastes so yummielicious!


Yee Ling said...

Goshh...i love wanton!

RealGunners said...

You think KL's wonton are bland? You haven't tried Penang's version, they are a disaster, there's next to no meat filling here, they only serve you the skin in soup. I miss KL's wonton all the time.

But I do agree, HK's version with the shrimp are far superior

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