Friday, May 16, 2014

GreenGoose Guest House, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Let me take u a tour of the room in GreenGoose...
Here's my "VIP room"
Why so?
coz the room is unusually spacious than a standard hotel room
it even have sofa at one corner. 
 and a walk-in closet with dressing table. But i found this space a bit wasted coz normally people dun have such big luggage that would occupy the whole wardrobe
 even the bathroom is like a stage!
u can sing, dance and practise ur movement coz there is a mirror sliding door...and when u r taking bath from that bathtub, u can see urself naked from the reflection of the sliding door mirror
 the toilet bowl...ok, nothing fancy about that
 this place is like a mini apartment except that it doesn't have a pantry
 other than that, all basic necessities are provided, such as fridge, tv, air-cond, hair dryer, wifi
well, that's about my VIP room....
I got to know that not all room are the same. My colleague got a smaller room with lesser amenities and in run-down condition. So i consider myself lucky to have a better room ;-)

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