UTOPIA: MAS Airline Food: Enroute KL - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MAS Airline Food: Enroute KL - Dhaka, Bangladesh

What would you expect when u onboard a flight to Bangla??
lotsa immigrants...ermm...and curry rice...hahaha!
 alrite...yea indeed lotsa them...the plane is fully occupied every time i onboard...be it in the morning or late evening flight.
And talking about the food...it is almost the same for each meal, you will expect some curry rice with dhal, and a paratha...
others are plain yogurt, wafer biscuit, and 2 other local desserts/site refreshment
it has been the same menu since years ago...and i wonder how my colleague could stand eating the same stuffs over and over again..
i got bored with the food on my second time taking the same flight...
waste not...i 'smuggled' out the food...only to be discovered by the air stewardess ;-P

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