Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sakae Sushi Bento Set again...

This isn't my first time of having Sakae Sushi bento set, but my first time of patroning the IOI mall Puchong outlet. Usually I went to the Curve or Sunway Pyramid for Sakae Sushi, but this time is exceptional.
The place looks quite new, so i tot this outlet might have jst opened, like for 2-3 years back...
 the place is brightly lit, unlike some very traditional Japanese restaurant which are dark and dim
 it has iPad on every table for customer to place their orders
 here's my bento set lunch. Not much of choices, my usual tempura bento set is no longer in the menu. Ended up i ordered salmon and chicken teriyaki.
 which comes with "chawanmushi" (steamed egg)
 and miso soup
 food were so-so, couldn't expect much since they specializes in sushi rather than bento!
pricewise, consider OK for a decent set meal as such...
Bon Appetit

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