Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mexican Coffee bun & Nasi Lemak bungkus

The picture here might not do its justice, but i can assure u that the food taste superbly good...and one of its kind...
here's one of my weekend brunch. 
Nasi lemak bungkus!
well, a good nasi lemak lies in the rice, the sambal (chili paste), as well as the freshly cut ingredients such as the succulent cucumber, crispy peanuts and anchovies and the freshly boiled egg.
 what more could have made my day?
I passed by the neighbourhood local store, known as The Store supermarket and they were having a RM1 offer on mexican coffee bun!
 it paired well with my tea
 see the layer of butter sandwiched in between? the baked coffee layer crust on top is so heavenly!!!
bon appetit!

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