Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Best Friend wedding @ Imperial Garden Restaurant, PJ

Imperial Garden restaurant, a subsidiary of Tai Thong would have done a good job in refurbishing the interior of their PJ outlet...coz once u stepped in, u will be transported into the 60's era.
I've seen some nice pictures of their banquet hall through reviews in numerous blog. And never would i thought tht my best friend host her wedding there.
 however, the place would be too packed if u r hosting a large reception, as in her case, she has relatives and friends from "all-over-the-world"...not to mention the Toastmaster members which occupying a few tables already!
the interior, especially the wall and the ceiling lighting are based on Oriental design, food is great,
overall ambience is awesome, except for some technical glitch in the audio system.
Anyway, congrats to Alexandra, my co-writer of The Weird Twins blog.

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