Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dim Sum

Dim Sum had been one of my fav brunch options. Years ago, ma took granny and us (sis & I) for yum cha. It's now my turn to take ma for the same - the yum cha session.
It has been regular these days as i hav plenty of time to kill, hav big appetite the nearby Chinese restaurant is having its promotion;-)
So, off we went, enjoying our chinese tea and fav piece...of succulent juicy Dim Sum!
We ordered a few trays, mostly dumplings with shrimps, porks, shark fins, and a few local delicacies, such as fried carrot cake. My fav!

The menu

Pork & shrimp dumplings with sort of spicy sauce (a closer shot at below) - pretty much like shrimp dumpling, except that this came with the sauce!

My favorite fried carrot cake! It was so 'flavorful'...ich liebe es! Lo mai kai (Glutinous Rice with chicken & pork). This one failed! The rice was sticky and too oily! Besides chicken, the ingredient includes pork, waxed pork sausage (lap cheong), and shiitake mushroom. Again, another type of shrimp dumpling. Apart from its mundane pork fillings, the outer skin layer was too thick and sticky! not a good recommendation...
Shark fins dumpling. I love these! Sorry for the sharks...
siu mai
Steamed pork wrapped in lettuce - the lettuce was fresh but the sauce was too salty and it doesn't blend well with the stuffings in it! a closer view
After all this fattening food, how to lose fat leh???

gotta refrain myself from taking pork in the next few days!

bon appetit!


BB Cream Queen said...

Looks delicious, I absolutely love dim sum !

C said...

hows it? Delicious? Where is it located?

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