Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bumbu Bali

Work has been…very very hectic these days with beginning of the month being the extraordinary challenging period, which force us (everyone in the team) to fully maximize our brain cells and …of course, patience.

Nevertheless, boss knws our dedication and decided to throw an appreciation cum team dinner, thanking us for our commitment and continuous effort.
It was pretty odd that the team dinner turn out to be a quiet affair as we used to shout at each other in the office…as if in a sharefish market. After all, we are still a bunch of civilized people after then, and would manage to sit together for a decent meal!

Everyone was calm
About to start…the serious biz talks on dinner table…
Apart from Balinese food, this place also offers a variety of western set meals. I opted for Balinese food instead, as I never had it before.

Green Apple splash that I ordered. It was cooling and thirst quenching, with green apple and soda mixture, toppled with lemon, mint leaves and the apple itself…simply irresistible!
Nasi Campur Bumbu. This would be their trademark food on the menu. It came in a huge portion…with a lil’ bit of everything – grilled fish, squids, shrimps, stir-fry kangkung belacan, some site dishes, rendang chicken, and a huge piece of crunchy keropok! Definitely not for those with small appetite!
The grilled fish was tender and juicy, meanwhile the squid was chewy, almost up to perfection. The only letdown was the chicken which was hard and dry.
Overall, it was another mediocre meal, somewhat similar like the Malay food.
Another visit? Mayb not in this dimly lit & creepy atmosphere restaurant!
After a sumptuous meal, I’m now looking forward for the next team activity – team building!

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C said...

wow nice! Bali food is quite delicious. I've tried few times in Ole Ole Bali. :P

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