Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It was one fine evening when I woke up from nap over some exciting loud voice. And since I could no longer get back into dreamland, i decided to head down to see what’s happenin.
There in the living hall, pa was busy cleaning a new rack. Without checking any further, I assumed tht he bought another rack to store his rubbish collection.
I was steaming frustrated and bashed some very mean statement.

Me:Not another rack?
Pa: this is for u…
Me: I’d be happy if u gimme cash than rack…

Soon after, i realized that it came from those unwanted items from our neighbor who hav recently moved out, leaving some furnitures behind.
And not only that, that rack came with a pair of umbrella, and some other minor stuffs which they distributed to their relatives and neighbors.

Headache upon seeing those items, I grabbed a medicated oil and applied some on my forehead. While doing so, I looked at the bottle and discovered that it wasn’t the usual one tht we hav.

Don’t tell me it belongs to our neighbors too???

Mum grinning sheepishly. Oh My!

Recycle. Reuse. Save the Environment.

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