UTOPIA: Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

This place has been around for quite long (almost a decade?)...Have thought of dining here some time ago, but didn't make it until recently.
if u r a shrimp lover...u should give 'em a try.
everything in this restaurant is somehow customized to the theme of the movie Forrest Gump
if u ever noticed, the glasses and cutleries are made in America
that's a replica of the dress that the character "Jenny" wore in the movie Forrest Gump. Jenny is Forrest childhood friend and eventually became his wife.
the outlet in Sunway Pyramid is well decorated to suit the ambience of a 70's/80's seaside restaurant
it even has a customized bucket for the sauces and serviettes
u might wonder what heck is that??!!
it's called Bourbon Catch of The Day
comprises of grilled Cajun fish, some shrimps & mashed potatoes (if I ever remembered well)
I guess most items and decoration in Bubba Gump is pretty standard and is being customized to Bubba Gump trademark, regardless of where the restaurant is located...
from the menu, to its dining ware and furniture...all adhered to the restaurant's guideline
here's one hut for family dining...
cute..and those empty sauce bottles are real antics!
my verdict: tis place is okay...only if u can take seafood :-)


RealGunners said...

I've eaten this in San Francisco. But in SF, there's a lot more nicer seafood than Bubba Gump LOL!
"We knew nothing about shrimping, but there was a storm, all the shrimps came, and we became successful and rich".. ah I miss Forrest Gump..

mun said...

I have only been to the outlet in the Curve. Quite like the shrimps but will only go there to eat like twice a year due to the price.

Princess Ribbon said...

Been to Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid a few times.. I ordered cajun chicken, something like yours too.. And those cheese pops, I forgot what are they called.. Mac & cheese pops, something like that.. Hubby likes their clam chowder..

Nux V said...

RealGunners: I guess the competition in San Francisco is high...is not easy to do shrimping biz over there it seems...haha

Mun: Haven't tried the Curve yet...but I guess is pretty similar ;-)

Princess Ribbon: hmmmn...u a frequent customer? u hav so many recommendation yea... will try the cheese pops in my next visit ;-)

Happy walker said...

aiks, i wanted to go try, by the way, how much is the food ah.. if too expensive i can't go leh...

Nux V said...

Happy Walker: haha...hmmm the food range from RM30 - RM1xx depends on what u order. If cannot afford, then next time ask ur 'rich' fren to belanja u back on ur birthday ;-)

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