UTOPIA: Happenings - March/April 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happenings - March/April 2014

Well, this is an overdue post after being left out earlier
probably b'coz i hav totally forgotten about this event
 nope, it isn't any superstar concert...
but instead it is the company annual dinner!
how could i ever missed out in posting such important function of the year?!
probably coz it was held in the beginning of the year where too many happenins' around tht overshades it.
anyhow, the company never fails to have the annual dinner @ Shangri-la Hotel.
I dun have to tell u how sucks the food was, coz i hav been mentionin' this N times.
The food was mediocre, nothing to shout about...
 the only food that pass my palate is the dessert...which is actually plain vanilla ice-cream with choc lava cake. 
Total disappointment rite?
i'm pretty sure the below leftover food is mch * (infinity) better than what is being served at the hotel ballroom. Well, I shudn't hav complaint mch since the dinner was entirely F.R.E.E. & fully sponsored unlike some of my previous company where staffs need to pay (a certain minor sum) to be eligible to attend.
March passes fast, and soon it was April...
April is another hectic month due to rushing some deadlines, but i managed to squeeze-in for a Vitagen talk!
back in being a kiddo again, listening to health talk and sampling Vitagen ;-)
it reminiscent back in those primary school days where Vitagen van came to my school...
havin' a brekkie during ofis hours is GOOD once in awhile ;-)


Ken said...

Despite the taste might not be as great as you would have expected but their presentation of food sure look good :D

Nux V said...

yea, presentation wise was not bad.

reana claire said...

I still drink Vitagen! Good for cough.. :)

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