UTOPIA: UTOPIA is worth $5,114?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UTOPIA is worth $5,114?

Potential: $66,378

Important Note: It seems that this website has a lot of traffic, but not alot of web recognition. This probably means that it get a lot of direct traffic (bookmarks). This can be good. It may also indicate that all traffic is paid for. In such a case, we would estimate this website real worth to be no more than $5,114.

Nux's note: Glad to hear that! UTOPIA has a potential to reach till a 5-figure value...*starts dreaming on trying to auction out this blog if i go bankrupt...


aikss! too early to dream yet!

1 comment :

jam said...

So keep on writing. Dun leave this blog dormant.

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